The Truth About Rush Work

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It happens to the best of us and even the most planful of marketers. Someone has a great idea in a meeting and it simply must be implemented immediately. Or business demands action, urgent action, like the kind that really needed to be completed yesterday.

That’s when the emergency SOS email comes flying into our inbox: ????“We need this right now!”????

But do you? It might really feel that way, as though all problems will be solved if this one thing can just be whipped together in record time.

Spoiler alert: it rarely, if ever works out that way.

It’s just a flyer. It’s just a banner. It’s just a quick email. How long can it take?

Well, that’s the thing. Our company values quality work, which is hard to do when rushing to meet an arbitrary deadline.

What actually happens is that a hasty project deadline from a rush job jeopardizes the deliverables that are due to clients in line before you who are expecting them.

Asking for a rush job pushes those clients – and their scheduled work – aside, causing the trust in that relationship to fray. It creates tremendous stress on everyone involved.

All that stress isn’t good for creativity, and often times important nuances are realized and missed when we’re finished with the rush project.

“This isn’t your best work,” is a particularly stinging comment when we’ve set aside everything to complete something for you – and really, did you expect it to be?

Of course, you’re nodding your head right now, agreeing that, “Yes, that’s exactly how we should work!” You also know full well that someday you’ll be the one trying to sneak your job to the front of the line because it absolutely, positively must be done today. ?

Because let’s face it, we know it happens. And it happens to the best of us.

So, what should you do when something comes up that simply can’t wait?


It’s just a good idea to take a few cleansing breaths when stress levels rise.

Do a real assessment of how quickly you need the job

Be real with yourself and your stakeholders. If you can’t implement it for a week, you can give the team more than a few hours.

Clarify the strategy and deliverables

If something is hot, you want to avoid extra rounds of rework. Being clear upfront will help.

Have empathy

Be kind to both the designer and their other clients.
And if, after all this deliberation and deep thinking your project cannot wait and must be completed within a few short, precious hours…

Expect a rush charge

We are invested in your success and always here to support your needs. When the day has to be rearranged though, you’ll see an extra fee on your invoice.
And for those of you who want it all, remember the Good, Fast, Cheap matrix:

And there you have it, the long, the short and the awkward around rush jobs.

We hope it’s unmistakable how important and serious we take each and every job that comes through our queue, because our true why is to help you and your business enjoy success.

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