Get out
of limbo.

So many businesses throw time and money at a shiny logo or website before they do the real soul searching that comes with defining their brand. 

They may look good, but they end up in brand limbo: sensing that something isn’t working, but not being able to articulate why. (Oh, and customers can sense it, too.)

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

But you don’t have to stay stuck.

Your brand should reflect who you are a business,
through and through. Period.

At our studio, we take a holistic approach to help you develop a consistent, authentic brand that’s rooted in the values, beliefs, and personality your business was built on.

When you do the work to define and live by your brand, you stand out from the competition and earn loyal, lifelong customers.

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Brand isn’t just how others see you — you deserve to be an evangelist for your own business, too.

Feel proud.

Consistently showing up on purpose means customers never have to doubt their loyalty.

Build trust.

When you wow your customers from the start, they’ll keep coming back.

Set the bar high.



We’re located in the Southwest, where the desert landscape is lush with beautiful cacti and succulents.
Cacti signify endurance and persistence – they are plants that by all accounts of their environment shouldn’t survive, but do.

In fact, they thrive.

A blush cactus stands out from the crowd — a beacon of vibrant color in a sea of same. 

Once you’ve spotted a beautiful blush cactus bloom, it’s hard to forget — its tenacity and persistence are imperatively symbolic in creating a successful business and life.

Our mission is simple: We’ll help you define your brand so you can stand out in a sea of noise.

Behind our name

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Meet your brand builders

Our team is made up of multitalented women who love what they do — and happen to be damn good at it.

We have animated Slack discussions. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

(And we love dogs. Dogs are amazing. Ask us about our dogs.)


Jena Gribble

Jena Gribble is the founder and Creative Director of Blush Cactus, a StoryBrand Certified Guide, and a Level C Certified Brand Strategist. She helps businesses build badass brands, get out of limbo, and create marketing messaging that actually works.
Jena has 15 years of experience in branding, marketing, and directing and designing fluidly within both the digital and print spaces. She’s worked with national brands such as Alice’s Table, Young Living, Plexus®, Pinterest, and Isagenix, as well as up-and-coming brands like Wilderness Athlete and Waxing Poetic.
She’s a dog mom, podcaster, coffee lover, and has an annoying habit of reading too many books at one time.

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Would you work with a business that doesn’t practice 
what they preach? Didn’t think so.

Of course we did the work.

Our team has spent a lot of time asking the big questions (and zooming in on the little things) to define and refine our own brand.

Here are the pillars we live by as a business.

Problem solving

This is what we do! All day, every day. Creatives are, first and foremost, problem solvers! We’re constantly striving to work smarter—you’ll never hear us say “well it’s always been done that way.” It’s our job to create opportunities and ideas where there wasn’t any before.

Making time for rest

We don’t subscribe to “hustle culture.” We’ve realized that when we don’t take breaks for the things in life that matter, our work suffers. To fill our cups creatively, we take time to rest and play. It allows us to do great work.

Doing great work

We believe how you do anything is how you do everything. We provide a lot of value to our clients and customers by doing great work and striving to be better than we were the day before. 

No pricks (get it?)

It seems like every workplace has that one guy with an ego the size of Alaska that nobody can stand…but not here. We feel lucky that we get to do what we love every single day, and part of what keeps us loving it is by not working with assholes (yes, this includes clients). We check our egos at the door and keep our eye on the prize: helping our clients succeed. 

Growing and learning

We like big brains and we cannot lie. We’re always up for a new challenge. Pushing ourselves to the edge of our comfort zones is where we learn and shine the most. We subscribe to many learning platforms, have spent thousands of dollars on online courses and certifications, and read a lot of books. A LOT of books.


We’re not above laughing at ourselves and making sure to take opportunities to find the humor in everything. You’ll probably also see a lot of silly reels on our IG and animated GIF reactions in our emails (despite how cheugy they may be).

a lot

Mantra: Work smarter, not harder.

Mantra: Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a while. Even you.

Mantra: We don’t half-ass anything. We always use our full ass. 

Mantra: Together we go further.

Mantra: If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Mantra: Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

Boom. Certified.

Culture isn’t everything.
We’ve got credentials, too.

Our founder and creative director, Jena, is a Level C Certified Brand Specialist and StoryBrand Certified Guide.

So what does that mean?

Big picture: It means she’s made an investment to learn from some of the best in brand building and messaging — so we can do our best work for you.


Invaluable creative partner.

The team at Blush Cactus was friendly and fun to work with. Jena took the time to truly understand what my company was about. Yes, she did design an awesome logo and colour palette. But most importantly, the work we have done together has enabled me to better understand what my company’s mission and vision were, and how to communicate that effectively to my clients and employees. Thanks to Blush Cactus, I understand my company better, I have a clearer vision of where we are heading, and I have a plan to get there.

Friendly and fun to work with.

We feel so fortunate to have been introduced to Jena and her team. Blush Cactus truly invests the time to immerse themselves in your brand, understand your strategic vision, and integrate within your team. This approach not only produces incredible work for our team on a weekly basis, but has allowed Jena to become an invaluable creative partner during large-scale company initiatives.

soraya f., Great bear studios


A fantastic (and fun) collaborator.

Blush Cactus knows something most designers don't: how design helps businesses get more customers. They're fast, responsive, and like a secret weapon in your branding and marketing strategy. Hire them today.

Hire them today.

Jena is a confident and talented designer with whom I have had the pleasure of collaborating with for several years. Her real brand and consumer sensitivity, traditional and digital design chops, along with being just a wonderful human being, make her a fantastic (and fun) collaborator – we all just love working with her!

Wes G., Wayfinder