Ellen Grace Marketing


Meet Lyndsay Clements, the passionate force behind Ellen Grace Marketing. We had the honor of creating a custom wordpress website for her as well as coming up with a new brand aesthetic and updated color palette. 

This has been one of my personal favorite websites to date—it helps to have a beautiful subject with an open mind and really, really good copy.

Lyndsay followed the Storybrand 7-Part Framework to create a brand script for her business, helping her get clear on her offerings and how to communicate in order to convert.


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Custom website design

If a fresh visual brand falls in the forest and there’s no website to show it off… does the branding really even exist?

Using your brand-new branding and visual assets, we’ll design a beautiful, functional website to serve as your digital front door and offer the commercial curb appeal you need to stand out from the competition.

We’ll handle development (in Showit or WordPress) and take care of launch, too.

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